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Hello and welcome. Have you come to the conclusion recently that something has gone wrong with your home’s refrigerator? You should realize that you’re not the only one that has found themselves in this type of situation. Consumers throughout Queens are required to deal with a malfunctioning fridge pretty regularly. Just remember that this is not something that you cannot rectify. With the right assistance, you will be able to overcome this problem without too much difficulty. Just make sure that you choose the right commercial refrigeration repair company in Queens. Choose us and you’ll be able to save money and fix the problem much quicker.

Within this guide, you will learn a great deal more about us and the services that we offer.

We’re Insured

As a business owner in Queens, you should understand the incredible importance of insurance. If you do not have insurance and something bad happens, you’re going to find yourself in serious trouble. When looking for a commercial refrigeration repair company in Queens NY, it is pertinent to choose someone with insurance and that is why you should choose us. Our company is protected by a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure that our business clients are protected as much as possible. We will do everything possible to protect the client and our insurance proves this to be true.

We Service All Makes And Models

There is no doubt that the refrigeration industry is very unique. There are tons of excellent companies in the industry and there are numerous manufacturers of fridges. With that being said, you need to choose a repair company that is totally versatile. This is why you should select us as your refrigeration repair company in Queens. Our company knows how to fix the problem at hand no matter what. We have worked extensively with many makes and models of refrigerators. With our assistance, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to solve the problem before you know it!

Regardless of the make and model, we’ll find a solution to the problem. We can repair walk-in and reach-in refrigerators. There is really nothing that we cannot help you fix.

We Offer Emergency Services

It is pertinent to realize that a problem can arise at pretty much any point in time. You just never know when something is going to happen. What are you going to do if your store’s refrigeration system malfunctions during the middle of a business work day? What if something goes wrong in the middle of the night? When this happens, it is pertinent to get help right away. This is why you should choose us. Our commercial refrigeration repair Queen NY company is happy to provide emergency services. We’re always willing to help the client during the middle of the day or night.

No matter what time it is, you can guarantee that we’ll be there to help.

We Repair And Replace

When attempting to deal with a refrigeration problem, there is a good chance that repairing the problem will save you money. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to repair broken refrigerators. Sometimes, they must be replaced entirely. This is one of the reasons that you should choose us. Our company will do everything possible to ensure that you get the best deal humanly possible. If there is a chance that the problem can be repaired, we’ll repair it and save you money. If it cannot be repaired, we’ll let you know. We’re always honest and just want the client to get the best deal.

Again, we can repair and replace all makes and models of refrigerators. No matter what you’re facing, we’ll find a solution to the puzzle.

Registered With The Better Business Bureau

If you have ever tried to hire a commercial contractor before you probably already know that there are tons of resources online that can help you. These sites provide you with customer testimonials, licensing, and certification information. One of these state registered websites is the Better Business Bureau. Our company is proud to say that we are a registered member with this site and we lay it all on the line for our customers. You can get up-to-date information about our licenses and certification numbers, check our previous complaints, and see what our previous customers have to say about the services that we provided them with.

All Of Our Techs Are EPA Certified

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, Freon and refrigerant handling is something that is absolutely necessary. As a consumer you might not know that in order for a person to be able to legally handle Freon he or she must be EPA certified. This is a state test that makes sure an individual is well informed about safe handling, removal, and disposal of Freon. This is why we always make sure that all of our techs are equipped with this type of license. All of our techs are legally allowed by law to handle your commercial refrigeration needs. You would be surprised to learn just how many techs there are out there that don’t have this type of licenses.

We Practice Safety Precautions To Preserve The Environment

Since our techs are constantly handling dangerous materials and chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and ozone layer, we always make sure they are taking the proper precautions. Our company really cares about the environment and we make sure that we do everything we possibly can to ensure its health. For instance, when dealing with leaks, we don’t just believe in filling a unit back up so that it can leak back out into the environment. This is only going to cost you more money and hurt the environment in the long run. If the leak can’t be found, we will suggest replacing the unit. In addition to this, we partake in recycling used refrigerant. All the Freon and refrigerant that we recover from units is sent to a recycling facility to be recycled and reused.

Why You Must Choose Us

Not choosing us as your refrigeration repair company would be a mistake. We offer lightning fast turnaround and our prices are much cheaper than our competitors. Additional perks of choosing us will be provided below.

  • We’re completely insured. We want to make sure that the client is protected from beginning to end. Our insurance makes that possible.
  • Our company has the experience to back it up. We have been in the field for many years and there is nothing we cannot do.
  • We can service all make and model of refrigerators.
  • We offer repair and replacement. If the problem cannot be repaired, we’ll replace the unit all together.
  • We offer transparent pricing. With us, you’ll be able to save money and still solve the problem right away.
  • We’re ready to go at all times. We can fix your problem in the morning or after midnight.

We provide help with Coolers – Freezers – Walk-in Coolers – Walk-in Freezers – Ice Machines/Ice Makers – Deli/Display Cases – Meat Poultry Cases – Under counter Units – Prep Tables – Pizza Prep Tables – We also provide our customers with 24-hour service 7 days a week.


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