Ice Machine Repair

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Ice makers are utilized by all kinds of commercial establishments. Fish shops, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, diners, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities are just a few examples.

Commercial ice machines come in various sizes and designs but still deliver the same service. The first sign of a problem warrants a call to your local Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning “HVAC” service providers.

HVAC contractors are skilled and equipped to handle all ice machine repair services. These professionals know the ins and outs of each internal and external component that makes up to ice machine.

Professional Ice Machine Inspection

A professional ice maker inspection can spare your business a full malfunction later down the road. How? During a professional inspection, the HVAC technician visually looks at every internal and external component. The refrigerant level is also tested as well as the valves, motor, and thermostat.

Any abnormalities are diagnosed and repaired accordingly. Throughout the inspection, the technician will stay in touch. If it is determined that repairs are necessary, the technician will consult with the business owner in advance. The owner has the first and last say on how to handle the repairs. However, making repairs now could eliminate the risk of a full malfunction in the future.

Professional Ice Machine Maintenance

Our HVAC technicians perform routine ice maker maintenance for businesses across the state. Like a routine inspection, maintenance can help reduce the risks of a future malfunction.

No one knows the importance of an ice maker more than a business that incorporates it in its daily operations. In commercial settings, ice is utilized for food storage and cool beverages, such as soda, lemonade, tea, and iced coffee.

Ignoring ice maker maintenance is the worst thing you could do to your business. We recommend starting with an inspection of your ice makers. Contact our local office to schedule your free ice maker inspection today.

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