Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Clean

Any business that relies on walk-in freezers and coolers likely already understands just how crucial such appliances are to the successful day-to-day operation of their business. Such appliances are a major part of any business, and when they are malfunctioning or down, it creates a whole entire world of new problems. A1 Commercial Refrigeration Repair NYC The demands of everyday business are constantly changing and evolving, which sometimes results in the neglect of other areas of the business. Unfortunately, freezers and coolers are one of the most neglected areas, despite their dire importance. Reshuffling your priorities to keep these appliances functioning properly will not only make business smoother and more effective, but it’ll also make life all-around easier. As with most things in life the best place to start is with a well-thought-out plan. That’s exactly what we are here to help you with.

Clean And Dry Floors

Sweeping and cleaning your cooler and freezer floors will not only help maintain your essential appliances, but it’ll cut the potential for accidents in half. Debris and mold growth are common in such areas and when these two things are left unattended for prolonged periods, they’ll only invite insects and a whole host of other problems. Sweeping and mopping are the only way to tackle such issues. That said, mopping should be done with extreme care, as you don’t want to create slip hazards or keep doors open any longer than possible. The best way to tackle a freezer is by spot cleaning it. Clean one spot, let it dry, move on to another, and so on.

Closed Tight!

Speaking of leaving doors open, this is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs for as long as possible. You’ll likely be in and out of the freezer, fetching, returning, and counting inventory, but this can’t be avoided. Propping the doors open and leaving them open for longer periods is an entirely different story. Doing this makes it nearly impossible for the appliance to maintain the necessary temperatures. We understand that it can be almost unbearable to work inside these conditions, so the best approach is to step outside as often as needed while performing your cleaning rituals.

Lights Out!

Not only do doors need to be sealed tightly, but the lights need to be turned off when the appliance isn’t in use. You’d be surprised at just how much heat a normal lightbulb can produce when it runs around the clock. Add to this the consumption of electricity and you are only inviting higher energy bills. It might even be a good idea to install motion lighting. Lights can also create warm or hot spots, and anytime there are warm spots, there is the potential for mold growth. Mold and edibles do not mix!

Gaskets And Seals

As rudimentary as gaskets and seals seem, they are crucial components of any cooling appliance that cannot be overlooked. Many don’t realize it, but these components require regular maintenance as well. They can build dirt and grime just like anything else, and when this happens it prevents proper sealing. You likely don’t need anyone telling you what improperly sealed doors can do to the inside environment of a cooler or freezer. Keeping a diligent eye on the gaskets and seals will not only keep your energy consumption to a minimum, but it’ll go a long way to eliminate harsher wear and tear of essential components.

Clean Coils Are A Must!

The evaporator and condenser coils of a cooling appliance are essential to proper operation. Why do you think the evaporator coil contains a filter that requires monthly changing? It’s because it’s pertinent that this coil remains as clean as possible. And even with a filter, there is no way to completely prevent dirt and debris from getting in. Therefore, coils will require at least biannual cleanings. These areas are prime breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Maintain Clear Drain Lines

When most people think of coolers and freezers they don’t tend to think about condensation. Overlooking this is a big mistake. Just like a typical air conditioner, freezers and coolers also produce condensation. Condensation is properly removed from the system via a drain line. Just imagine the potential dangers if this drain line became plugged. You would essentially be dumping water into a near arctic environment. This would be followed by ice build-up everywhere in the vicinity. Keeping a clean and clear drain line is essential to the proper functioning of your cooling appliances.

Never Forget The Pros

Business can be hard. With a full list of chores to tackle and everything else going on in life, it can be easy to neglect even the most crucial parts of a business. Coolers and freezers are hardy appliances, and they can withstand neglect for prolonged periods. However, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by neglecting these appliances because it is only forcing them to run and work harder than necessary, which will only lead to premature breakdown. And that will lead to you spending hundreds of unwanted dollars. As life can be hectic and business even more so, we are here to help. Give our offices a call and we’ll get your business set up on one of our preventive maintenance programs. Let us worry about your cooling appliances, so you can worry about running your business. Contact our office to request a free walk-in appliance inspection. Routine inspections can help minimize the risk of a full malfunction later on down the road.

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