Why Millions Of People Visit New York City Each Year

New York City is classified as the “most populous city in the United States.” With such a high population, there will be no doubt that you will meet people from all walks of life when visiting The Big Apple. While this will provide you with plenty of opportunity to meet new people, you will also have to deal with footpath and road congestion. However, if you are prepared for this prior to your trip, you will still be ensured of a good vacation. Below, you will discover more information about New York City and why it is one of the most visited U.S. states. A1 Commercial Refrigeration Repair NYC


Manhattan is one of New York City’s most popular boroughs, which includes Wall Street, 34th Avenue, Broadway and Madison Avenue. These streets have become iconic over the years, as they hold much historical value for the city. The famous Central Park, Guggenheim MuseumWorld Trade Center and Rockefeller Center are all located in Manhattan. It is also comprised of the widely recognized neighborhood, Harlem.


A trip to Manhattan would not be complete, without a visit to the TriBeCa or better known as the “Triangle Below Canal Street.” This neighborhood is home to some of the most popular restaurants, shops and Robert DeNiro’s annual film festival.


Brooklyn is another very popular borough in the city of New York. The borough is widely known for its many cathedrals and panoramic views. Brooklyn consists of several districts, including Williamsburg; Downtown; Gowanus and Red Hood; Prospect Park; Greenwood and new Utrecht; Coney Island and Brighton Beach; East Brooklyn and Bedford-Stuyvesant and Flatbush.

People drawn to the Downtown Brooklyn district are typically interested in business, shopping, academics and law. The business area location between Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street is similar to other American cities, with federal and state buildings, shops and five-star restaurants.

Public Transportation

As mentioned above, New York City streets are extremely congested. Most visitors are not accustomed to this high level of congestion, so they will opt out on renting a vehicle and take the MTA NYC Bus instead. If you take the time to obtain a MetroCard, you will save quite a bit of money during your travels. New York’s public transportation system is connected to the Long Island Railroad and subway.

Fees for street parking are also quite expensive and if you fail to put enough money in the meter, you could be fined between $150 and $300. You can avoid these risks by taking the public commuter bus, subway or a taxi.


Taxi service is quite expensive, so you may want to avoid this transportation mode unless you have plenty of money to spend. Many travelers will choose to walk around New York, especially if they are only going to be traveling short distances. However, some people do not mind to travel along the city’s extra-wide sidewalks, because it provides them with opportunities to the city in an up close and personal manner. If you do decide to walk, be sure to bring along your camera, so you can share your experience with others back at home.


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