Why A Floral Refrigerator Is Best For Your Floral Business

Running a floral business can be fun since you’ll throw together floral arrangements for birthday parties and weddings. On the downside, you’ll likely create bouquets for funerals. Regardless, you’ll know that your customers depend on you and your services so you don’t want to let them down. We understand how you feel. You have to go to great lengths to keep your customers happy. Using a floral refrigerator is an outstanding way to simplify your job and ensure that you’re providing your guests with the best arrangements. Floral fridges are designed to keep flowers and floral arrangements fresh. Using this equipment reduces the likelihood that your flowers are going to spoil and die before your customer can enjoy them. A1 Commercial Refrigeration Repair NYC Without this equipment, there will be a higher risk that you’ll experience dehydrated flowers and even inventory loss. It is pertinent to take steps to prevent this from happening so you can maintain a financially sound business and keep your customers happy. You’ll find that commercial coolers are significantly different than floral coolers. The latter is designed specifically to protect flowers, leaves, and more. These coolers provide flowers with everything they need to thrive. They’ll deliver the right humidity and airflow to protect the flowers, stems, petals, and leaves. They also feature low-velocity coils to ensure that the airflow remains gentle and consistent. The combination ensures that the flowers are not going to dry out. Floral coolers help keep humidity levels high regardless of temperature. Typically, the temperature will stay between 33 and 35 degrees. The equipment also features monitors for humidity levels and temperature. These monitors make it easy for you to protect the optimum environment for your flowers. You can guarantee that this is going to keep your flowers fresh and beautiful. One issue you’ll encounter is the price. Typically, it is common for floral coolers to cost more than conventional commercial coolers. Despite this, we believe that floral coolers are worth the investment. They will protect your inventory so you can maintain your bottom line. If you’re ready to install floral coolers in your florist, don’t hesitate to call our office.

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